Balance Network

Family Rituals Project involvement in ‘Balance Network’

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The Family Rituals Project team met in January 2014 at the first academic retreat organised as part of the EPSRC funded Balance Network activities. The retreat was a gathering of academics interested in issues relating to Work-Life Balance (WLB), Digital Technologies and the links between the two. The event aimed to facilitate a deeper understanding of work across disciplines in these themes.

The retreat provided an opportunity to hear updates from other EPSRC Funded work life balance research projects, to share information and expertise, and to spend time working on specific elements of our research. As part of the project updates session, Dr. Marouda and Dr. Clayton presented the findings from the first part of our Family Rituals 2.0 Project, work life balance and mobile workers from an employers perspective.

The Balance Network will shortly launch its new website, where further information will be given.

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